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Here are a few files we find usefull in our gameplay.

CharacterProfiler_2.0.4.zipThis is a required file for the guild. It is used for uploading character information to the guild roster.

GuildProfiler_2.0.4.zipThis is for guild officers who need to update guild information(aka members).

PvPLog-2.3.4.zipThis is a file used for creating the file needed to upload to the roster to show your PvP stats.

Carnival ModThis is a good rogue ui mod. This is a very handy mod it shows you the enemy casting bar. Not only that but it shows you the diminishing returns of your stuns and the cooldown of frost nova, blink, fear and so on. a top mod

Mods.zipHere are some good ui mod files. Included in this zip are Enchantrix, AuctioneerPack, CT Raid Assist, Lootlink, MetaMap, BowBeforeNef, solColorChatNicks, and SuperInspect

ItemRack_1_96.zipThis is an awesome tool for having pre-set armor/weapon sets that you only need to hit 1 button to equip the set. Be sure to read the readme file for all the details.

mobinfo1.5.zipTells you the mob/player your targeting's health (can be configured to be a percentage) as well as other handy info about the mob such as what its drops are

TotalGold2_3.zipThis is an excelent mod from Discordmods. It keeps track of your total amount of money on a server. Typing /tg or /totalgold will bring up a simple report frame showing the money you have on each character, the total of that money, the total you've earned since last viewing the report, the total you've earned since logging on, and what you're earning per hour in the current session.

PocketHelper-0.6-10900.zipPocketHelper is designed to ease the life of a rogue attempting to pick pockets. When in stealth with an active target, it places a Pick Pocket action button in the middle of the screen. If a target's pocket is picked successfully, it then replaces the button with the next item from the loot window.

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