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The History of Planet X Tribe

To understand us you must first know of our beginings. We came to existence in Tribes2. A group of warriors brought together by our skills, our beliefs, and our love for the game.

Founded by Killshop, a leader among leaders, he recruited those of like mind and beliefs to be the core of the Tribe. From this core his lieutenants emerged and began seeking more warriors to join our ranks. Among these lieutenants were two who stepped forward to become the commanders for his Tribe, warriors whos word came second only to Killshop, Blooddragon and Torsades.

With the aid of his commanders and lieutenants Planet X Tribe grew to be on of the most respected Tribes in the game. For we did not look for members amongst only the most experienced of players. No we accepted even those whom had just began to play. All we looked for in our new recruits was a desire to play, a willingness to be part of a team, and an open mind willing to learn. Even amongst our experienced players this willingness to learn was present. We did not horde our knowledge and skills we shared them with all, and this sharing made our warriors even stronger. Our newest members we trained, we did not throw them to the wolves expecting them to learn on the battlefield.

Our warriors could dominate any battlefield, wether on the land or in the air. We numbered the finest warriors in the game. While our brotherhood would last, sadly Tribes2 would not. With the coming of Tribes Vengeance Sierra lost interest in continuing any support for Tribes2, and slowly the game has faded. Tribes Vengeance held some hope for the return of the strength of our tribe, but that hope failed.

Now we have begun to reform our Tribe in the world of Azeroth. World of Warcraft has become our new home, in the relm of Dragonmaw. The commanders of old brought into the new. Blooddragon became Cobrakahn and founded our Tribe in the world, Torsades became Klynx, his right hand. Others were found to form the new core of our Tribe, now called a guild, warriors of proven loyalty the guild council was formed. Joining Cobrakahn and Klynx in the leadership of the guild are Dimona, Hoofs, and Uglee. With this core we have slowly added to our numbers, again seeking those of a like mind. And recently we have added a new member to the council, Clayman.

With the core of members we have I can forsee only growth for our Tribe and a return to the respect the name Planet X Tribe held.

Guildmaster Planet X Tribe
"That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger."

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